NYFW SS18: Dan Liu Runway

It’s 9:52am and I’m somewhere between West Village and SoHo standing in line staring at the words “SKYLIGHT CLARKSON SQ”. Skin soaking up the sun, my eyes drift from the sky to take in the surrounding energy.

NYFW SS18'.png

Photographers spread out in the streets to capture the looks that inspire them, while fashion week drivers try to navigate through these same roads. 

The line is slowly moving forward and I see Rachel approaching me with a smile.  We catch up as we begin to near the ticket booth. In bold white lettering the words, “Dan Liu 10:00AM GALLERY 3” are displayed in a bright pink background on the monitors ahead of us.

“You can sit anywhere you see room, as long as it’s not the front row,” the woman told me as Rachel headed to her seat. I thanked her, seeing as my ticket said, “SEAT: PENDING.” 

As the crowd began filling up Gallery 3, I settled in my area and exhale. The sounds of seagulls and waves crashing echoed a feeling of calmness throughout the gallery. An energy I’m sure Dan Liu wanted. 

The Chinese-Japanese Canadian fashion designer, showcased his 2018 Spring/Summer collection with the world on Sunday, September 10th, 2017 at Skylar Clarkson SQ during NYFW. Liu titled this collection, “The Lonely Beach Feeling” and from pastels, to rich reds, whipped whites, and deep blues, Liu filled the room with elegant cocktail dresses.



But before fashion, Dan Liu originally went to school for Computer Science and Psychology.  Ultimately disliking the career he chose to satisfy his parents, Liu went back to Japan to study fashion. However, I can’t help but think that Liu’s educational background plays a major part in the execution of this show.

Liu’s musical selection begins with the sounds of a Spanish guitar by DJ Maretimo’s “Blue Guitars of Picasso (Lonely Beach Cut)” as the lights began to dim. Soon a house bass booms throughout the gallery as the lights turn on, and Russian producer, Quardo Rossi’s “Silent Sea” guides the first model to the runway.

“It’s in the back of my mind to have the logical thinking,” Liu tells to CCTV America’s Michelle Makori. Continuing to say that when he designs, “the dresses should be practical” and “good for the clients, customers, and people who follow and love [his work].”  While studying in Japan, Liu adopted the Asian Philosophy of being simply and unique. Something that was definitely evident to me, throughout the show.

Before the show, Liu had an opportunity to speak with Fashion Mingle's Jessica Marshall.  "You put one of my cocktail dress, everything is already there.” And that he “loves crochet, embroidering, and lace.”

However, what stood out to me the most, were the peacock feathers accented on the faces of each model. Some placed, on their eyebrows, while others had single feathers centered on their foreheads. A look, that goes much further than just being a playful way of adding emphasis to his designs. But, I believed this truly drove home the idea of Liu’s lonely beach feeling.


When you imagine the beach regardless of the weather, the waves never subside. Their enteral movement of drifting forward, than drawling backwards is a constant resurrection themselves with every current. And although, peacock feathers represent many things such as pure souls, compassion and even kindness, they also represent immortality and resurrection. 

Liu ends his show with his last model elegantly carrying a Japanese dream catcher outlined with in peacock feathers. An unforgettable look, that was followed by the song “Heaven” by Japanese songstress Ayumi Hamasak. Hamasaki’s soothing voice covers the crowd, as she sings the story of a lost lover whom she’ll never forget but will always live on inside of her.

The show is over now, and the lights have come on. Everyone is cheering and clapping, some even whistling and I make my way thru the crowd to find Rachel.

We began walking down Washington Street, further into SoHo for our shoot. While, strolling through the city, she says, “I really liked how I could relate to a lot of the pieces. I saw a lot of things I would definitely wear.”

Although, this has only been Dan Liu’s fourth season partnering with IMG-NY, I strongly believe that Liu definitely will to continue to make a lasting impact on the fashion industry for many years to come.