I had one an half meals today. That’s better than yesterday.

It’s finally Saturday, the busiest day on my schedule. I checked into my hotel around 11:30am, threw my things on the floor and got changed and ran to my Lyft to arrive to the Menyelek show.

On the schedule for today I have a KUHO Presentation at 11:30am, backstage work at MENYELEK at 12pm with the show starting at 1pm, StyleCon at 2:15pm, and Oxford Fashion Studio Show at 4pm. Needless to see my entire schedule was flipped upside down before I even got to into Manhattan. Realizing the time conflicts I gave up my KUHO & Oxford tickets to some other friends who I knew could attend, and headed to the Menyelek show.



Today I wore a bright red Tommy Hilfiger bodysuit under a blue and red windbreaker, paired with a red vinyl mini skirt. White socks with a blue checker ban along the top, all white special field Air Force 1s. Clear frames, letter necklace and gold earrings from yesterday, with my snakeskin backpack, and small hand-stitched Cameroon heart flag pouch.

On me I carried the Sony A7riii, my 50M F/1.8 and the G Master 70-200M F/4 lenses.


bodysuit - Tommy Hilfiger via Urban Outfitters | earrings, frames, necklace, skirt - Forever 21

windbreaker - Penguin via Goodwill | socks - Vans | shoes - Nike via flightclub

Jasmine was walking so I was extremely excited about being able to not only support my friend but to work backstage as a photographer! After the show Jasmine and I ended up running into more friends from home. Our group of two expanding to a group of nine as we walked the streets of NoHo with hungry stomachs trying to reach San Marzano - Pasta Fresca.

My one meal here could probably count as two. I ordered two servings of garlic bread, a house salad and crafted my own spaghetti with meatballs and mushrooms, a glass of water and of course a glass of orange juice. Bitting off more than I could chew, I sat content as our group happily laughed and ate. San Marzano was very affordable with everyone’s (excluding my own since I was beyond hungry) checks coming up to $12 for a more than filling plate of pasta. The ambience is very warm and calm, with the building walls opened to allow outdoor seating seamlessly blend with the indoor dinning areas.

IMG_0970 2.jpg

Our table began to burst with energy as we all ate. A girl stopping by telling us, “Excuse me, but I wanted to let you know, you’re table is a mood.” we all laughed and thanked her. But she was most definitely right. Our table was full of young creatives, just talking designs, business and sharing uplifting ideas.

I sat at the head at furthest from the door, with Jasmine on my right and Jhordyn on my left. Jasmine being both a model and photographer, Jhordyn a model. Next Jhordyn sat Danni who also models. Next to Danni sat Gloria & Tani, our friends visiting from Toronto. Gloria a photographer, Tani a designer and model. Across from Tani sat Rod, a jeweler and clothing designer. To his left sat Pat & Jasmine both from Arkansas. Pat being a musician and model, Jasmine a being an artist and model. And of course the Jasmines were sitting next to each other!

Smiling at her comment, I continued to eat as much of my food as possible, determined not to waste a bite.

After paying our group of nine dwindled down to four. Me, Danni, Jasmine and Jhordyn. It was about 5:30pm now and we figured since we were already out, with an off thrown schedule to find something to do. We ended up leaving San Marzano and heading over to Chinatown to attend a pop up Drew had told us about (read more here).

By the time we got to Chinatown the pop up was packed. “Conversation Pieces” by Kristopher Kites was the name of the Pop-Up and we spent about an hour and a half with hanging out with Kristopher and his team before heading out. While in the streets of Chinatown, Danni, Jasmine Jhordyn and myself decided to have a photoshoot (check out my favorites here).

We split up, with Jasmine and I heading back to fifth ave to recharge at the hotel before later on meeting up with Danni & Jhordyn after they came from the Prada party. While at the hotel I ended up falling asleep while typing my write ups and woke up to several missed calls (everyone thought I was flaking on coming out) Getting up, I quickly before preparing for another endless night.

San Marzano - Pasta Fresca

San Marzano - Pasta Fresca

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