I wanted to go to church today but, slept through the early service and wasn’t going to be able to attend the whole service of the 10:30 service without running behind schedule. So I did my usual morning prayers and played my “Praise & Worship” playlist on SoundCloud as I got ready for my day.

Today was probably the more organized not altered day. The entire week I hadn’t received any of my show tickets from The Riviere Agency so instead of attending the NONIE show as originally planned, I spent the morning sorting photos of my flash drive, working on the edits of my Costello review, and getting mentally ready for the day.



Today I wore a pale pink satin blouse, paired it with a latex black skirt, black tights and black Chelsea boots. My Letter shaped necklace, pearl shaped diamond earrings, and my blue glasses today.

On me today, I carried the Sony A7Riii, and only my 50M f/1.8 lens.

blouse - ZARA | skirt - Forever21 | earrings - BELK | necklace - Claire’s | glasses - Ray-Bans


Pool Rules at the Chromat Pop Up

Pool Rules at the Chromat Pop Up

First on the list for today, was JUN JIE Presentation at Pier 59 Studios, and can I say I wish I got there earlier. The presentation was from 12-2 and I arrived late in my Lyft at 1:44pm struggling to get to the studio room before the doors close. After JUN JIE was the Chromat Pop Up, before heading back towards Time Square to The Row for Fashion Mingle’s Networking Party.

Typically during fashion week, I travel with Lyft. I prefer the drivers over uber because they (in my own personal opinion) take their time to make sure I get from point A to point B smoothly. My Lyft driver today smiled as I ran out of the Chromat Pop Up trying to dodge the rain to get to him.

“Hi!” he greeted me as I got in the car.

“Hello,” I greeted back.

“Make any money today?!” He smiled as I buckled my seat.

“Um, yes but not really. I guess you could say I’m currently investing in my future.” I laughed as I felt more settled in the Toyota Camry.

He began to grin. “I just get so excited when I see African Americans working for what they work and going after their dreams.” I listened, not really knowing where he was going with this conversation but I had about 25 minutes to kill so I figured I wouldn’t put in my headphones just yet.

“Yeah?” I said.

My driver went on to explain to me, how when he was growing up, his African-American friends weren’t granted scholars or even the same teaching opportunities in schools as the rest of his non-POC friend groups. He began to become so passionate about how excited he is when he hears of African-Americans being able to receive educations.

Before leaving he told me, “Do what you’re doing believing that you’re going to get to the stuff that you want.”

JUN JIE Presentation

JUN JIE Presentation

VIP Pass at Fashion Mingle Networking Party

VIP Pass at Fashion Mingle Networking Party

The conversation was beyond uplifting, and I felt a little bit better about how exhausted my body was feeling. “You’re making money don’t worry!” I heard the driver say in my head, as I stepped back out into the rain and headed into The Row.

Having the opportunity to partner with Fashion Mingle has been something so dear to me. With Melissa & Beth taking a chance on me to help out with their first launch party last September (during my very first NYFW), it always feels like home when i’m back with my Mingle Family. From then to now, the Fashion Mingle group has grown tremendously, and I was no longer needed on door duty. This season I had the opportunity to float around and supervise our interns. One of which, somehow managed to get me into doing the speed networking activity with the Mingle Mentors.

Although I am not against networking, I really didn’t understand too much of what I would be doing but I give a go anyways. Quickly I realized I was suppose to be pitching myself rather than quickly listening to each mentor speak. I enjoyed picking at their brains, it was nice to listen to each them passionately talk about their businesses. From fashion lawyers, to PR Agencies, to even a local illustrator; I smiled and laughed as I eagerly engaged with everyone.

The night seemed to go by pretty quickly, and Jasmine & Pat ended up stopping by. We went through our swag bags and talked amongst the crowd of influencers. One boy telling us about how he snuck into the Ralph Lauren Show and managed to sit front row. We laughed and giggled the rest of the night.

I had misplaced my umbrella and ended up splitting up from Jasmine & Pat to go find out, with the intention of meeting back up with them at The Blonde for Shek Wes’s birthday party. But instead, after heading to the wrong location and just being extremely exhausted, I headed back to my hotel and went to sleep.

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