It’s finally over.


I couldn’t sleep at all last night. Well, I actually haven’t been able to sleep at all during this trip. Before I got into the city I had gotten a pretty bad cold that I was battling all the up to Friday night. The hustle and bustle of fashion week and lack of sleep was definitely hitting me everyday while I was out and about. My hotel didn’t come with breakfast, although I thought I planned that better. So logically, instead of going to get breakfast every morning, I chose to sleep in. I wasn’t able to stomach food anyways. I was lucky if I was able to get through the day without getting sick to my stomach after eating anything.

These are the things most people don’t talk about when they do NYFW. Usually everyone just talks about all the shows and parties they are attending. But I find it rare to see people talk about their day to day struggles that they might encounter. For me, ever since undergrad (I blame the college lifestyle) I tend to get sick quickly, and I’ve managed to go long days without really eating a meal as long as i’m able to get a snack in here or there. Working until exhaustion, capturing content wanting to be everywhere at the same time.

During my trip a reporter outside of Spring Studios, had said to me , “You [as a freelancer] learn to just say ‘YES!’ To anything until you’re more so established.” You find yourself developing ‘FOMO’ (fear of missing out), when every industry A- Lister is at an event you declined an invitation to. Spending time you could be resting, now on social media trying to figure out if the event is still even going on, or even if the person who invited you still has your ticket!

For me, I enjoy fashion week. I enjoy staring at clothes all day, touching cloths and fabrics. I like being able to talk to people who are passionate about a field I’m very much so interested in having a career in. But then again, you have to know when to listen to you body. And today was that day for me.

It’s finally Monday and while at home I made the personal goal of attending NYFW this season from Thursday - Tuesday. This was before, the PR Agencies only confirmed me via email and then didn’t send my invites. This was before, the temperature went from hot and Sunny to constant non-stop rain. This was before, I found out that my hotel wasn’t serving breakfast. This was before I got sick. This was before, 2 out of every 5 Lyfts I called cancelled tried me with “no shows” when they weren’t even at my locations. This was before, I got fed up.

Before before before. I guess you could say my social battery was dying, but, the show must go on.

I laid in my bed. It’s 8:44am. I didn’t want to pack up my things but I needed to get the hell out of NYC. I have a shoot today with Stacy (read more here), The Blogger & Brand event at 6pm, and a collective showcase at 9pm.

I find myself power cleaning my hotel room, packing up all of my items, and figuring out what clothes I wanted to wear tonight. I tear off a slice of pizza and call my Lyft. Scrambling to get my things together, I ran out the room to my Lyft forgetting my umbrella.

After the shoot, I decided to head back home. With GPS Radar now showing The Blogger & Brand to be happening at 3pm, although my email from last night had me confirmed for 6pm, I decided to send off my extra tickets and head back home.

The whole trip was extremely exhausting but absolutely worth it. As I headed back home, I start marking my calendar for February, to get ready to do it all over again.

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