NYFW SS19: Style Fashion Week DAY 01

Thursday morning I decided to head to New York City a day early just to get situated, trade in some camera equipment at B&H Photo and then pick up my media presses for Style Fashion Week (a company I will now personally avoid at all costs).

This season I had the opportunity to rent the Sony A7riii from lensrentals.com , and I didn’t even think twice to pick up my Nex-3 the entire weekend. Which I tested out with Sakiyna outside of The Manhattan Center Thursday afternoon!

My Experience with Style Fashion Week

Arriving an hour early with the idea in mind to secure good riser seats, me and several other members of media stood outside of The Manhattan Center. It was roughly 105 degrees around 1:50pm on Thursday as we waited with no instructions besides, “No one is allowed the building!” and “Get off the steps!” from security.

Forming a line, I looked around asking the people near me “Do you know if this is the line for media?” one boy shrugged, before telling me he was just waiting on a friend who was inside. I turned to another photographer and repeated my question.

“Do you know if this is the line for the media?”

"Sorry hun, I’m trying to figure out the same thing.” She smiled at me and I thanked her before regaining my place in line.

I stood quietly with my luggage. I wasn’t planning on attending any of the Style Fashion Week shows today. I was only here to pick up my media passes before going about my business.

Other media members began trickling in. Everyone was very pleasant, smiling as they pulled at their phones to verify that they were in the right location. We, all those who had been waiting, began to explain to the new media members what was going on.

“Maybe that’s the line over there then?” one photographer asked pointing to a large line that had formed by the other entrance to the building. The individuals were standing in the sun, wearing only black and only had papers in their hands.

“I was told that’s the line for volunteers.” another replied.

I gripped my luggage just in case I’d have to run over to the other side to get a spot in the already lengthy line. About fifteen minutes had began to pass, and after making serval attempts to politely get the security's attention I gave up and listened to the crowd complain.

“This is ridiculous!” one media personalle yelled as she fanned herself with an paper. “Why won’t you let us in?!” another exclaimed. The media line of ten had now grown to about twenty-five and was crowding the doors of The Manhattan Center.

By this point, the security guard had locked the doors to prevent anyone from walking in or out, and was completely ignoring our questions. I guess you could say he was doing his “job”.

Models stood in confusion trying to figure out where to be directed to. A younger model, who looked as if she was in middle school, timidly knocked on the glass “Excuse me! We are walking in the show,” she said as she tapped the glass. She walked back over to her friends who were standing nearby when she got no response.

A tall man in a blue shirt was making rounds outside of the building collecting the models to take them inside through the back. The girls scurried off to follow him.

Assistants angrily knocked on the glass yelling “My bags are inside!” Several stating that they had been inside since 10am and now can no longer get in.

A photographer pressed his way to the front boastfully claiming that he had “already been inside” . I explained to him how they weren’t anyone in, and asked if I could see his media press to know if I was in the right area at this point. The photographer stated that he “couldn’t help” me with any questions because he “had already obtained his tickets prior to today.” As I proceeded to pull up my media credentials on my phone, he walked past and went to open up the locked door.

“No one is allowed in the building until further notice!” the security guard stated without even letting him speak. The photographer attempted to give a long winded explanation on how he was already inside and the security guard repeated the “no entry” statement right back to him.

The crowd of twenty-five has now grown even larger. Photographers paced around in frustration, while others talked about their excitement for the remainder of this week. One photographer began videoing taping the while her partner walked the premises taking photos.

“The 4pm show is canceled.” a boy in line told me showing us the official Style Fashion Week instagram account. People asked to see his phone in disbelief. We had lined up at 2pm since the doors opened at 3pm for the 4pm show that is now canceled for a 5pm. And still no response from the inside.

Suddenly a man approached the door to give one of the assistants her bag. “Sir can you tell us whats going on?!” someone yelled. The man took his time to explain to us the cancelation of the 4pm show, and stated “that no one would be granted entry until 3pm. “ It was around 2:30pm when he said this, and although I was grateful for the clarity I was completely over getting these passes.

After standing for another 15 minutes, the back of the line started to quickly brush pass me and the other photographers. “He said media come this way!” One photographer yelled as he ran past. I glanced and saw the man who was originally taking the models backstage now leading the media line around the building.

Lugging my items I quickened my pace to keep up. Walking behind the crowd of photographers, “What kind of equipment did you bring?!” one photographer laughed as she saw my suitcase. I smiled, “ I just got into town. I’m not doing any shows today.”

“Oh! You had me worried,” she exhaled. “I was thinking maybe I didn’t bring enough equipment.”

We reached the back of The Manhattan Center and some pushed their way to get into the doors. “Easy now, everyone will get in!” an employee yelled.

We past through backstage and ended up in the front entrance of the building. The greeters were beyond nice, greeting us with bright cheery smiles and moved quickly to help all of us get situated. The greeter who helped me, (whose name I unfortunately didn’t get) took her time to review my credentials and allowed me to pick up my passes for both myself and my friends who were traveling from out of country.

I hung around the hall for about fifteen minutes to just recharge in the air conditioning before exiting the building, where I ended up running into Sakiyna.

I had only registered for the Style Fashion Week tickets to see the Matte Brand Runway Show Friday night but ended up getting tickets to go the Michael Costello show (read here). I later on found out that Matte Brand’s Show was delayed until 8pm and that the media wasn’t allowed in the building until 6:45pm; even though the doors were originally suppose to open at 3pm with the show starting at 5pm.

When I had the opportunity to talk to another media member who had attended the Friday Night Show, she informed me that her and her group had the same entry issues that I experienced on Thursday.

She said, “The security was very rude to us. They told us things like ‘Y’all should just go home’ and ‘This is the ugly side’ simply because we weren’t in VIP or influencers. We waited patiently and really wanted to cover the show, but their comments were just ignorant and not needed.” She further explained that, her and her group eventually were granted access to watch the show only after waiting outside for two hours. She also informed me that people remained in line with the hope of being granted entry up until ten o’clock.

Overall, my experience trying to obtain my credentials was more than enough for me to not want to be apart of any future Style Fashion Week events.

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